Multiple APIs

We have many api's that you can add to your game to create a better user experience!

Admin Console

Our simple admin console will allow you to manage your games and your players!

Player Console

Players also can join our network and earn points from games to increase their ranking in the system!

Graphs and Charts

All of the apis give you graphs and charts to help you visualize what players are doing in your game!

Social Interactions

See how your players are using your social networking tools to in your game!

In Game Achievements

Reward your players with in game achievements for doing particular things!

Save Games

Allow players to save their game progress on one device are pickup from where they left off on another device!

Player Chat

Allow your players to talk to one another using our live chat feature!

Much More

There is much more you can do, and much more that will be coming!

Join the network today as a game owner or player